Rates and packages

Class Product Rate per session Product Cost
GROUP 1 session per week for 31 days @ ZAR95.00 per session ZAR475.00
GROUP PURELY PAY AS YOU GO (5 Sessions) @ ZAR130.00 per session ZAR650.00
GROUP Welgevonden group @ ZAR70.00 per session ZAR350.00
GROUP 2 sessions per week for 31 days @ ZAR90.00 per session ZAR810.00
GROUP PURELY "PAY AS YOU GO" STUDENT "10" @ ZAR85.00 per session ZAR850.00
GROUP PURELY PAY AS U GO (10 sessions) @ ZAR110.00 per session ZAR1,100.00
GROUP 3 sessions per week for 31 days @ ZAR75.00 per session ZAR900.00
HOME_INDIVIDUAL Individual Home ( 10 sessions) @ ZAR340.00 per session ZAR3,400.00
HOME_INDIVIDUAL Individual home sessions (12 sessions) @ ZAR340.00 per session ZAR4,080.00
HOME_PARTNER Home partner (10 Sessions) @ ZAR370.00 per session ZAR3,700.00
INDIVIDUAL Individual/Orientation at Studio @ ZAR300.00 per session ZAR300.00
Please note that the above packages are to be used up within the month of purchase. Individual sessions may be rescheduled to a different time within that month, using the 24 hour cancellation policy. Sessions and classes are booked and paid upfront for the month. No refunds are allowed for classes or sessions not used.